Caustic Soda Safety

Caustic Soda, also known as Sodium Hydroxide or Lye, is used in water treatment for pH adjustment. It is also used in water/wastewater laboratories. I can come in the form of solids or liquid. 

Sodium hydroxide is an extremely corrosive chemical that causes severe burns and destroys tissue when exposed to moisture. 

A copy of the Safety Data Sheet for Caustic Soda should be reviewed before use. Personal protective equipment, and storage/handling should be implemented as recommended in the SDS. 

The Product Safety Assessment for Caustic Soda from Dow Chemical Company, notes the hazards, safety precautions, storage and handling and other important information. 

Occidental Chemical Corporation provides a Caustic Soda Handbook, a very thorough review of the manufacturing, shipping, safe handling, loading/unloading, equipment and piping for handling--and more. 

A Chemical Safety Card for Sodium Hydroxide from the Centers for Disease Control summarizes safety information succinctly, as does the NIOSH Pocket Guide

​NIOSH Report of Fatality - Chemist Dies From Burns Caused by Mixing Chemicals

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