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Ferric Sulfate Safety

Ferric sulfate and ferrous sulfate are chemicals used as a coagulant in water and wastewater treatment. This chemical can also be used for phosphorus removal.

General Safety Information

Carefully review and follow the requirements in the Ferric Sulfate SDS. (Have your supplier provide a copy of the SDS). 

Ferric sulfate causes severe skin burns and eye damage. It is also harmful to breathe the mists or vapors. Wear eye protection, full face shield, gloves and protective clothing when using the chemical. 

​It reacts with strong oxidants (like chlorine or sodium hypochlorite) with fire and explosion. It can react violently with alkalies. Ferric sulfate is incompatible with strong acids, bases, and metals.

Storage and Handling

Ferric sulfate is incompatible with many metals, so storage should be in fiberglass, cross-linked polyethylene, or reinforced plastics. Avoid temperature extremes or direct sunlight.

All storage tanks, lines and connections should be signed or marked: Ferric Sulfate

Employees accepting chemical deliveries should be well trained in the process. Chemical deliveries should include a standard documentation process. And delivery should NEVER occur unless a properly trained employee is present.


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