Ozone Safety

Ozone is used in the water/wastewater industry for disinfection, odor control and contaminant removal. It is produced in gaseous form onsite by an ozone generator. 

Your ozone generator manufacturer/supplier should provide a Safety Data Sheet for Ozone, as well as provide safety training.

Ozone is highly toxic, acutely lethal, also chronically toxic and mutagenic. 

​While ozone itself is not flammable, it is a strong oxidant and may accelerate, even initiate, combustion, or cause explosions.

Anyone working with ozone must have received training and wear all PPE and respiratory protection as per the SDS and training. Storage and handling should be in compliance with the SDS.

The Centers for Disease Control provides a Chemical Safety Card for Ozone as well as a NIOSH Pocket Guide

​NIOSH also publishes information on the Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health levels for ozone.